Left England with 3 young americans also survived a flood within a Russian nation-articulate | Martyn Gorton 🇬🇧➡️🇷🇺

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They traded a UK for a Russian nation-articulate🇷🇺🏡, survived a flood there, also are rebuilding their lives, showcasing it all on a YouTube weblog 📹 @RussianTravels
Martyn Gorton, an expat inside Russia, an Englishman from Manchester, never idea he would terminate up within a Russian provinces. But after his divorce, he met Yulia, who rented an condo shut to him. They received married💍 also commenced constructing their lifestyles within a UK. They had a son. Martyn converted to Orthodoxy☦️.
But after 2024, a family felt tension also a diploma of Russophobia😨. They determined to exercise a immediate time out to Yulia’s fatherland—a provincial Russian city, Orenburg. However a commute prolonged. a British-Russian family cherished a Russian provinces also determined to cross. ‘Russia is a last bastion of old values🇷🇺,’ says Martyn. inside England, he seen how a Western paradigm was altering, also colleges were discovering out books esteem ‘a Boy within a Dress.’
a family constructed their very hang home within a suburbs of Orenburg🏡. But catastrophe struck: inside spring 2024, a Ural River flooded🌊, also their unusual home was nearly about destroyed.
Gape a unusual video to gape how an Englishman adapted to his unusual fatherland🇷🇺, how he copes with lifestyles’s challenges💪. That youre just can perchance also moreover gape this thru Martyn’s eyes on his weblog https://www.youtube.com/@RussianTravels

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00: 00 Meet Martyn Gorton also his tall family
01: 52 Flooding inside Orenburg
02: 40 Scale of a catastrophe
03: 49 Kid’s fascination with Russia🇷🇺
04: 55 From a neighborhood to a marriage ceremony💍
06: 19 Aftermath of a flood: a neighbor is crying
08: 06 ‘It was if reality become told subtle within a UK’
10: 11 How did Russia welcome a English family?🇬🇧➡️🇷🇺
11: 50 Martin’s home after a flood
14: 39 ‘Russians will proceed doing till they earn a assignment performed’
16: 30 God is quiet with us☦️
17: 45 Martyn’s dart to faith
19: 03 Four young americans
20: 30 “a Boy within a Dress’ 😱😱😱
21: 16 YouTube channel: paid by a Kremlin?
24: 28 Lost a house a 2nd time😥
25: 17 ‘I bear no longer must return to a UK’

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