WINNER’S PERFORMANCE of Eurovision 2024: SWITZERLAND with Nemo also “a Code” (Are residing Big Final)

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Bonjour tout le monde, I’m Maxe also on this video, I watched with youre a stay efficiency of a winner of Eurovision 2024 with Nemo also “a Code”, from a tall closing.
What’s your thought on this stay efficiency?
Present me inside a comments!

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Introduction to a tune 0: 00
Reaction to a stay efficiency 1: 34
Conclusion 4: 50

This video comprises my like commentary, criticism, thought also overview of a true audio/video cloth. Which is roofed by a Copyright Disclaimer Below Share 107 of a Copyright Act 1976 for handsome use: “for functions equivalent to criticism, commentary, recordsdata reporting, teaching, scholarship, training also compare”.

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